OaksBark has been delivering successful participatory film projects for over ten years.  Our aim is to lead those involved through the process of creating their first film.

The participants in these projects learn new skills and explore their talents both behind and in front of the camera, but our main goal is to generate self-confidence, improve self steam and work as a team, so their experience can lead to new achievements in the film industry or beyond.

Participatory projects can take different shapes, from Intergenerational animation to drama and documentary film making and we have worked with as diverse groups as primary and seconday  school children from urban and rural areas, young people in supported accommodation, community and asylum seekers groups, and even HMP prison inmates.

Film-making works best when in combination with other art forms, like visual art to create storyboards, titles and graphics and music to compose the score and soundtrack, and we work with some of the best in those fields.

In our website you are able to view our work with all these groups, learn about the different approach to participatory projects and also plan your own.

Please fell free to get in touch for further information