Hidden City at HMP Barlinnie

Hidden City at HMP Barlinnie

An award winning project: Koestler Trust Awards (Gold and Highly Commended awards)

A site-specific poetry and animation project

A partnership project with Motherwell College, conFAB, and the SPS.

Over a two-week period, students at Barllnnle wrote poems and produced animation about 45 John Street In the Merchant City in Glasgow; A site often unnoticed by passersby.

The Merchant City developed from 1750 as a result of wealthy ‘tobacco lords’ who prospered in shipping, tobacco, sugar and tea, amongst other commodities. During the l8th century, Glasgow’s position on the Clyde gave its merchants an advantage over other ports in Britain and Europe for goods coming from the Americas and the Caribbean.

However, as well as supplying tobacco, tropical goods, sugar and rum, it was also part of the slave route from West Africa.  The students researched the history of the site, whilst also learning about various poetic styles. Working alongside lñigo Garrido, they also produced a DVD of their animations with poetry recitals. The project culminated with a live event outside the Glasgow Chambers, during which the animations were projected onto one of the archways of the building for public viewing,

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See video below.